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sam's note to dean

Holiday Drabbles SIGN UP POST

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Time for holiday drabbles.

Please leave drabble requests here in the comments. They can be holiday-themed, or not. You can choose from the following fandoms: SPN, HP, Heroes, Ender's Game, Smallville, Everwood, Psych, Venture Brothers, Torchwood (the early ones are the ones I know best), Friday Night Lights, and etc. (try me, I might know it). I write in every rating (but you know filth is my favorite), and I will write almost any prompt you can think of (some past prompts: snow, the sharp point of a quill, better than alone, in a garden, PORN, them being brothers but not with incest). So fill out the following form and also let me know if you want me to send it by snail mail, email it to you, or post it up in my fic journal.

Delivery Method:


Do you want a Christmas/Holiday card? Please leave your address in comments (they are screened) and I will put you on my list. If you got one from me last year and then you moved (sneaky, sneaky), give me your new address, please!


Sounds good!!