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j2 ass babies

More fun from the Football'verse!

Title: The Hands-Off-Jared Policy
Author: bksncleverness
Word count: 8856
Pairing: J2
Summary: a new entry for the football'verse; takes place after the end of part 4; it's a few months later and Jared suggests they go visit his folks in San Antonio. Jensen is nervous about the whole thing.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my smutty imagination.
Notes: A fic requested by my porn muse, mooncharm. She requested: Football’verse. Jared brings Jensen home to meet the parents. Clandestine blowjobs! Pool sex! We could be discovered at any moment but fuck me harder! And all that good stuff. Also incidentally requested by nickgregfan. Two for the price of one! I've also been wanting to write a J2 on the Riverwalk fic since I spent New Year's in San Antone. Thought of them the whole time I was there.

Many thanks to my betas: the amazing and talented mooncharm and my new awesome friend, rivers_bend. You guys are un-freaking-believable betas and the story is ten times better because you fixed all the shit I couldn't. All remaining errors are mine.

One more thing: In this story, I quote something Jared said to me at the SPN con in L.A. If you don't know which line actually came out of Jared Padalecki's mouth in RL, comment and I'll tell you. M'sorry if it's self-indulgent; I just couldn't help myself!

Jensen was nervous. It wasn’t that he’d never been to San Antonio before. He gone there as a kid, seen the Alamo. He played football there with the Trojans, visited friends there, hell, he even passed through there on tour with the Cowboys his first year on the team. So, no, it wasn’t the going to San Antone that was making him nervous, it was the fact that he was going there with his boyfriend. And if it wasn’t crazy enough that he even had a boyfriend (not that anyone other than Tom, Mike, and Chad knew that's what Jared was to him), he was going to San Antonio with his very first real boyfriend to visit his very first real boyfriend’s family.

Of course, Jared’s family, like the rest of the world, thought they were just best friends.

Things had been going swimmingly. They’d won the damn Super Bowl, for fuck’s sake, and were enjoying some well-deserved time off when Jared suggested they drive to San Antonio and spend a few days with his family. Jensen’d said sure, but then worry moved into his gut and set up house. Technically, he’d already met Jared’s parents and siblings at the big game, but everything was so crazy in Glendale he barely had a chance to say two words to them.

He knew Mrs. Padalecki a little better, since he’d spoken to her at length when he got Sadie and Harley to Dallas as a surprise to Jared. She was nice. They all seemed really nice. But how could they not be? They belonged to Jared. Still, he felt a little out of his depth. There was the whole meet-the-parents thing, which Jensen hadn't done since college (he dated that soccer player for a few months, and he didn't really care for that girl or her parents, so meeting them wasn't such a huge deal), and then there was also the hiding-the-real-nature-of-the-relationship thing. Sure, they'd figured out how to do it day-to-day, in front of the press, in front of the fans. But to do it for days at a stretch, in front of people who knew Jared so well?

Jensen was fucking scared to death. Which might explain why he was drumming his fingers in a staccato rhythm against the door of Jared’s truck.

Jared looked over at him, practically bouncing in the seat. With that big goofy grin on his face, he really looked a hell of a lot like Tigger. And if that was true, then Jensen, despite his size, felt a little bit like Piglet.

“Nervous?” Jared asked.

“What, me? No,” Jensen answered. “Course not.”

Jared looked at him sideways across the cab. “You know what is so cute?” he asked.


“How you think you’re fooling me with your lies,” Jared said, grinning.

“I’m not?”

“They already love you, you know. My mama always asks for you. You’ve been her favorite person ever since you took Sadie and Harley off her hands.”

“I don’t see why we can’t stay in a hotel. You know, separate rooms and everything.”

“Jen,” Jared said. “We can’t do that. First of all, we’re bringing the dogs. Second, my parents have plenty of room. And third—and most importantly—it will break my mama’s heart if we stay in a hotel.”

Jensen sighed. “I know. It’s just...I’m not...I can’t...”

“Use your words, babe,” Jared teased him, reaching over to squeeze Jensen’s knee.

“It’s just that they’re gonna be watching everything I do. Everything we do.”

“They are not.”

“Pfft,” Jensen scoffed. Of course they’d be looking. Jensen was sure he was going to be under the Padalecki microscope. “And I’m gonna be away from you, in the guest room--”

“Well, not if you don’t want to. I’m willing to tell them. I told you that already.”

“No! Jesus, Jay. Last thing I want is your Dad knowing you’re…”

“Ass-fucking the QB of his favorite football team?”


“Look, I haven’t really had the big talk with my folks, but I’m not thinking they have a whole lot of illusions about who I am.”

“No, Jay.”

“So okay fine, then. We’ll tell them when you’re ready. Doesn’t mean we still can’t…you know,” Jared said, raising his eyebrows and letting his tongue hang out the side of his mouth.

“We are not fooling around in your parents’ house.”

“Why not?”

“Because your parents’ house is like anti-Viagra. I’m not even gonna be able to do anything knowing your mom is in the next room.”

“Hmmm, I think I might be able to persuade you,” Jared said, giving Jensen a sideways glance.

“No way, Jare. Seriously.”

“We’ll see,” Jared said with a mischievous glint in his eye. “So, really, are you nervous?” Jared asked after a minute.

“Well, I am now,” Jensen said, laughing.


Jensen wasn’t sure what he was worried about. The Padaleckis welcomed him like a son, making him feel more at home than his own family. They got there just in time for dinner, and Jensen spent dusk standing around the grill with Mr. Padalecki, cold bottle of Shiner in his hand, watching the steaks cook to perfection. They talked about baseball and investing and living in San Antonio versus living in Dallas. The conversation was easy and casual, and Jensen found that he was enjoying himself.

The dogs, which Jared’s mom called her grandchildren (and hell if it didn’t make Jensen feel a little bit like he and Jared had brought their family to visit the grandparents), ran around the yard and tired themselves out.

Jensen hadn't felt hungry all day, but as soon as Mr. Padalecki pulled the juicy steaks off the grill, he felt like he could eat a horse. The Texas night was warm, but breezy, and the food was delicious. They ate on the patio, under the stars, and it was just about perfect. Jared’s parents were warm and funny and the four of them laughed over stories about Jared. After cleaning up the plates from dinner and dessert, Jared suggested a dip in the pool. Jensen smiled when Jared came out of the house wearing swimming trunks.

“Not going bare-assed in your parents’ pool?” he mumbled when Jared brushed past him.

“I’ll take ‘em off when I get in. Don’t you worry,” Jared whispered into his ear. He used that husky voice that he used during sex, and hearing it in Jared's parents' backyard made Jensen's body seriously confused about how to react.

Jensen, although comfortable in front of Jared’s parents, had definitely slipped into Hands-Off-Jared mode. It was the very same Hands-Off Jared policy he used when they were at the stadium or on the road or in front of the press. Basically everywhere, but in Jensen’s house, which—despite Jared still holding onto his house in name only—was really their house.

Jared didn't really have a Hands-Off policy. He was pretty much Hands-On with everyone. He slung his arms around people's shoulders, and pulled other players in for actual hugs, not just the manly kind. But the press and fans soon learned that Jared was just that way. They didn't make much of it, but Jensen knew if he returned it even a little bit, the press would be all over it. All over them.

After dinner was all cleaned up, Jensen changed into swim trunks, and he and Jared dove into the deep end of the pool. While they were still in there swimming, Jared’s folks came by to say goodnight.

“Oh, but it’s still early,” Jared said, shaking water out of his ear.

“We’re old,” Mr. Padalecki explained.

“Okay. Well, we’ll see you in the morning then.”

“Guest room is all set up for Jensen, honey,” Mrs. Padalecki said to Jared.


“Megan said she’d try to stop by for dinner tomorrow.”

“Really?” Jared said, smiling.

“Yes, really.”


“All right. We’re going to bed. You boys be good. There’s plenty of stuff in the fridge to make sandwiches with if you get hungry,” she said.

“Whaddaya mean ‘if’?” Jared said, rubbing circles on his stomach.

“Good night, J.T.” Mrs. Padalecki said, kneeling down by the side of the pool so Jared could kiss her goodnight. Which he did immediately.

Mr. and Mrs. Padalecki exchanged goodnights with Jensen and went into the house. They were gone only a second when Jared turned to Jensen, huge grin on his face.

“Happy?” Jensen whispered.

Jared answered by turning a somersault in the water and ending with a spectacular handstand.


After a while, they dried off and went inside. Jared, who, true to his word, wasn’t wearing swim trunks, walked around in a towel. The sight of him, lean and muscular, with miles of golden skin on display, never failed to make Jensen a little weak with desire. He watched Jared filling the dogs’ bowls at the sink, muscles in his back working, and he kept having to remind himself whose kitchen he was in, and that the Hands-Off-Jared policy was still in full effect.

Jensen pulled a clean pair of shorts out of his bag and changed out of his wet trunks in the bathroom. When he came back out, Jared had put Jensen’s stuff in the guest room and his own stuff upstairs in his old room.

The TV room was off the kitchen, with a comfortable Padalecki-sized sofa in front of a large-screen television. They didn’t bother with the lights, just sat side by side, with the TV on low so as not to disturb the quiet house, not touching. After a while, Jared’s hand strayed into Jensen’s lap. He just stroked Jensen’s thigh a little, almost like he thought Jensen wouldn’t notice if he didn’t move too much. Jensen was trying not to pay attention to it, instead concentrating on an old episode of Cheers.

Then Jared leaned over and tried to kiss him.

“Jay, come on. Stop,” Jensen said, putting an arm between him and Jared.

“I can’t even kiss you?”

“Dude, it’s all open. I can see into the kitchen from here,” Jensen said, twisting on the couch and looking back towards the kitchen.

“It’s fine. They’re asleep. We can kiss.”

Jensen looked over at him, and he had to admit, the boy did look pretty fucking hot, with his hair all curly and unruly, still smelling of chlorine, lips all pink and soft, towel in his lap clinging suggestively.

“Okay, but just a little.”

“That’s more like it,” Jared said, licking his lips. He leaned over and kissed Jensen nice and slow and deep. And he moaned as he got into it.

Jensen pushed him away. “See? That’s why we can’t do that. Because you’re moaning,” Jensen said, turning back to watch the television. He shifted a bit because the mere brush of Jared’s lips had him hard.

“All right. If I promise to be quiet, will you let me kiss you again?” Jared said, putting on his I’m-totally-serious face. The one with the furrowed brows and everything.

“Okay,” Jensen said after considering it for a minute, smile tugging the corner of his mouth.

Jared kissed him again, a little harder this time. He stayed quiet, but breathed heavily, grabbing at Jensen’s shoulders and pushing him further down on the sofa. Jensen had to admit, it was a little bit of a turn-on kissing Jared like this in his parents’ house. Reminded him in a way of eighth grade, when Jonathan Brightly slept over and the two of them had an experimental make-out session in the basement while everyone else was asleep. Jonathan sure as hell didn’t kiss like Jared, though, that’s for sure.

Jensen was really starting to get into it, thinking that perhaps his rules about fooling around in the Padalecki house were too strict, when he heard noise in the kitchen.

He sat up, pushing Jared away. “Shit,” he hissed.

Jared looked over the back of the couch towards the kitchen. “Mama, is that you?” he adjusted his towel to hide the erection that kissing Jensen had caused. Jensen did a little more shifting himself.

“Yep, J.T. It’s me. Your father’s reflux is acting up. I’m gettin’ him a glass of milk.”

Jensen did not feel naughty or excited any more, and he actually broke out in a cold sweat, heart pounding like he’d just run 50 yards.

Jared’s mom shuffled out of the kitchen in her robe with a glass of milk in her hand. “What are you boys up to?”

“Just watching some crap TV,” Jared answered, flipping through the channels. “I like the new television, by the way.”

“Your father bought the biggest one he could find when you made the move to first string. Said he wanted to see his boy in Hi-Def,” she said, leaning over to ruffle his hair.

Jared reached up and covered her hand with his own.

“S’good having you boys home,” she said, moving her hand from Jared’s head down to Jensen’s shoulder. She gave it a squeeze. “Well, I’d better get Dad his milk,” she said, turning to go back upstairs. “Don’t stay up too late.”

“’Night, mama,” Jared said.

“Good night, Mrs. Padalecki,” Jensen said.

“For heaven’s sake, Jensen. Call me Sharon. See you boys in the morning.”

They didn’t say anything for a few minutes after she left. Jensen was still a little gun shy about making out with Jared again, but he was also thinking about what Sharon said. Good having you boys home. Something about that sounded real nice. She didn’t say, it’s nice to have you home, J.T. She said, it’s nice having you boys home. As if this were Jensen’s home too.

He didn’t want to screw that up by getting caught making out on the couch with her son.

“Well, I’m beat,” Jensen said, forcing himself up off the couch and out of temptation’s way.

“You can shower tonight if you want. Get the chlorine out of your hair,” Jared said, looking up at him.

“Nah. I’ll do it in the morning,” Jensen said, leaning down to kiss Jared. It was just a quick one. “Night, Jay.”

“Good night,” Jared said, smiling a little apology at him, and then turning back to the TV.

Jensen got himself set up in the guest room. It was tastefully decorated, if a little heavy on the San Antonio memorabilia. A picture of the Alamo over the bed, naturally. Jensen washed his face and brushed his teeth in the bathroom right outside, changed into pajama pants and a t-shirt and got into bed. He put his cell phone on the table beside him, and felt tempted to call Jared up. Which was ridiculous since the man was just in the next room. He stared at the phone for a while, but then turned away from it and closed his eyes. He thought about Jared's folks, about how nice they all were. About how his own family seemed a little cold in comparison. Okay, not cold, but certainly not this warm.

As Jensen snuggled himself further under the covers, he thought about Jared and how happy being here was making him. The glow Jared got from being around his folks made Jensen smile.

Unused to sleeping by himself, Jensen tossed and turned for a bit, but found that once he let himself relax, he was truly sleepy. Being nervous for weeks is tiring. The next thing he knew, Jared's hot wet mouth was sucking him awake. The gasp was totally involuntary, but he was about to follow up with a moan when the picture of the Alamo over his head reminded him where he was.

Jensen focused on the scene, sun peeking around the edges of the blinds, vase full of dried flowers on the dresser, Jared kneeling next to the bed, head completely under the blankets, doing, oh, Lord things to Jensen’s half-hard cock with his lips.

"Jared," Jensen hissed, lifting the covers to see Jared underneath. The sight was almost better than the feeling, but Jensen stuck to his guns. "What the fuck are you doing?"

Jared pulled off with an obscene wet pop. "My mama told me to wake you up for breakfast. Figured this was the best way," he said, quietly.

“Christ, Jay,” Jensen huffed, trying to kick the covers off, get up, and tuck himself back into his pajama pants all at the same time. He nearly tripped over Jared in the process of walking over to the door.

“Where are you going?” Jared asked.

“To the bathroom, to do something about this,” Jensen said, indicating the tent he was pitching.

Jared was over to him in a few long strides. “Let me help you with that,” he said sinking to his knees.

“Jay, no,” he said, but his heart wasn’t in the protest anymore, not with his back up against the door and Jared’s incredible mouth on his dick. Now the challenge was to keep from moaning out loud. He ran one of his hands through Jared’s shaggy mop of hair and made a fist with the other. He stuffed the fist in his mouth and bit down hard as Jared worked him expertly with his tongue. He could hear noise from the kitchen, which was just down the hall a few feet. He could hear silverware clinking, plates being placed down on the table. If he could hear that from in here, then certainly they’d be able to hear…Jensen held his breath, feeling like every whimper and shuddering breath was amplified. He didn’t have much time to think about it because Jared lifted two fingers up to Jensen’s mouth and made him suck them. Jensen spread his legs wider instinctively and before he knew it, Jared’s fingers were pressing up into him, wet and insistent.

Jensen wasn’t going to last much longer, that he knew for sure. Once Jared brushed that little bundle of nerves inside him, he knew he’d be done for. Jared’s long fingers worked up inside him, and Jensen pressed down against them, and all the while Jared’s mouth formed the perfect amount of suction.

He could feel himself on the edge, just about to come, waiting for that little extra bit of pressure or suction or friction that would push him over when there was a knock at the door.

Jensen’s body jolted with surprise.

“Come on, boys,” Jared’s mom called through the door. “The eggs are getting cold.”

Jared pulled off and said, in a surprisingly normal voice, “Be right there, Mama.” And then he went right back to sucking.

Jared was clearly the devil.

“Okay,” she said, and Jensen could hear her footsteps walking away from the door. He wondered why he hadn’t heard her coming down the hallway, but the blood had been rushing in his ears.

He looked down at Jared, suddenly guilty for breaking the Hands-Off-Jared policy (was a blowjob really a violation of the policy? Really, Jared’s mouth was the offending party), but he didn’t have much time to think about it, because Jared’s fingers were twisting inside him, finding that magic spot, and before he knew it, he was coming down Jared’s throat, moaning into his fist, trying not to slide down the door in a boneless heap.

Jared pulled back, licking his lips, and running a hand across his chin. He smiled up at Jensen.

Jensen’s first instinct was to kiss Jared, for making him feel so good. And the second instinct was to kick his ass for making him abandon the Hands-Off-Jared policy and almost out them to his parents.

Jared narrowly avoided an ass-kicking by standing up and kissing Jensen. “Come on,” he whispered when they broke apart. “Let’s get breakfast. You don’t need to change.”

Jensen looked at Jared’s swollen mouth and shook his head. If Jensen couldn’t control himself (because he knew Jared definitely couldn’t), he was gonna ruin this thing they had going. If Jared’s family knew about what they really were, well, it just might screw everything up. Jared thought they’d be cool about it, but Jensen had seen families fall apart over the mere suggestion of homosexuality, and Jared loved his family so much, Jensen would never want to make him choose. No, it would stay secret, and then Jared could have everything he wanted.

Checking himself in the mirror carefully, Jensen followed Jared out to the kitchen. Like the night before, conversation flowed easily, Mr. Padalecki talking about the Rangers double-header the previous weekend, Mrs. Padalecki talking about the weather and how hot it was supposed to get that day.

“Wanna go over to the Alamo and the Riverwalk, Jen?” Jared asked with a mouthful of bacon and eggs.

“J.T.” Mom said, her voice carrying a note of warning.

Jared swallowed the food in his mouth. “Sorry, Mama. So you wanna?”

Jensen shrugged. “Sure, if you think we won’t cause, you know, a stir over there.”

“It’ll be fine,” Jared said, helping himself to some pancakes.

“Everything is delicious, Sharon,” Jensen said.

“Well thank you, but I can’t take credit for the bacon. That’s all Gerald.”

“Dad is an expert at cooking bacon,” Jared said, nodding at his father.

“Thanks, son. I try.”

When Jensen was done, he got up from the table and put his plate in the sink. “Can I help you with the dishes, Sharon?”

“Nope. Dad and I have it. You guys get cleaned up so you can go out.”

“You’re sure, mama?”

“I’m sure. Go on and get. And both of you shave. If you’re going to the Alamo, you’d better look respectable.”

“Yes, ma’am,” they said in unison.

Jensen showered and shaved in the bathroom outside of the guest room while Jared got ready upstairs.

They were cleaned up and on their way forty-five minutes later, both of them wearing baseball caps. Jared’s was a Texas Rangers cap, and Jensen’s was from Dwayne’s Barbecue. “Best Ribs in Dallas” the hat boasted. Jensen was a little wary to go to such a public place, especially in Jared’s hometown, but he tried not to worry about it. Since the Super Bowl, it was really hard to do anything without getting noticed. Jared didn’t really mind the attention, but Jensen was always a little nervous around crowds.

Jared and Jensen made it into the Alamo without much of a fuss. There was no desk to pay admission so they just pulled their caps down and stepped into the cool darkness of the fort. They walked around for a good twenty minutes before anyone recognized them. But, once folks started to realize who they were, the jig was up. It didn’t seem right to sign autographs and take pictures inside, so they met with fans in the garden behind the fort instead.

They met a ton of people, signed about a hundred autographs and took dozens of pictures. Jared was so good-natured about it that Jensen couldn’t help but enjoy the experience.

When the last autograph was signed, Jared pulled them back towards the center of town and the Riverwalk. “Come on, we need to go to the Crab Shack,” Jared said, licking his lips. They walked the surface streets, hats pulled down over their eyes, and walked down the first set of stairs they hit along the way.

They barely made it down to the Riverwalk when some woman shouted, “OH MY GOD, IT’S JENSEN ACKLES AND JARED PADALECKI!” and that was the end of Jared’s quiet lunch on the Riverwalk. They were absolutely mobbed. At first they tried to be polite, but things started to get out of hand quickly. People in the mob were pushing each other, and the crowd was starting to break out into little shoving matches.

“Um, Jay?” Jensen said, as he looked over at Jared.

“I have an idea,” Jared said. “When I say go, make a break for that alley over there,” he whispered out of the corner of his mouth. He nodded back at the alley between the Hard Rock Café and a set of souvenir shops.

Jensen nodded.

“Ready? One. Two. Three. Go!” he said, and the two of them ran like hell for the alley.

The crowd was so startled no one ran after them at first. “Follow me,” Jared called over his shoulder.

They ran behind two restaurants and up some stairs and slipped into a the first open door they came to, a shop that ironically sold NFL merchandise. Jensen ran right past a display of his own damn jersey, the name “ACKLES” flying by in a blur.

“Hi…Janie,” Jared said to the woman behind the counter, finding her name on the tag pinned to her shirt. “I’m Jared and this is Jensen. We need a place to hide out. Could you let us into one of your dressing rooms for about 15 minutes and pretend you never saw us?”

She smiled, her eyes narrowing as she realized the possibilities of this chance encounter. “On one condition.”

“Name it.” Jared said.

A few minutes later, they were safely in a dressing room together, each with a Sharpie marker in hand and jerseys in their laps. The woman behind the counter had wanted them to autograph a bunch, but Jared talked her down to two each. She was a good lookout, though. They’d heard her turning people away left and right, convincing some of them to commemorate the Cowboys sighting by buying an Ackles or Padalecki jersey. (The Padalecki jersey was pretty new, only coming out mid-season. Still, Janie assured Jared that it was selling very well.)

They sat for a while and listened to the people coming into the store. Janie was making a mint off the Cowboys jerseys. And God only knew what she’d get for the ones they were about to sign. Jensen shuddered when he uncapped his Sharpie.

As they signed, Jensen couldn’t help but laugh. Jared was all scrunched up on the little bench in the room, tongue sticking out of his mouth in concentration like he’d never signed his name before. He looked up. “What’s so funny, Jen?”

“You. This. Us. Oh sure, let’s just go to the Alamo, and then we’ll have lunch at the Riverwalk. It’ll be fine,” Jensen said, sarcastically.

“I really thought it was going to be fine,” Jared said, defensively. “Can I help it if we happen to be on America’s Team?”

“I’m done,” Jensen said, capping his Sharpie.

“I’m just about done myself,” he said, unfolding himself from the little bench.

“Think it’s safe?”

Jared shrugged, knocking on the door.

“You guys ready?” Janie asked.

“Yep,” Jensen said. “Is the coast clear?”

“I think the fervor has died down a bit.”

Jensen cautiously opened the door.

“Thank you very much,” she said, taking the jerseys and pens out of their hands.

“No, thank you,” Jared said. Turning to Jensen, he said, “Let’s go out the back, shall we?”

They made their way back to the truck by dodging down sidestreets and alleys. Jensen was glad Jared knew his way around. They got into the truck and started driving.

“Damn,” Jared said, frowning.

“What?” Jensen asked.

“We didn’t get to eat at the Crab Shack.”

“I’m sorry, man.”

Jared shrugged, but Jensen could tell it wasn’t really okay. He seemed really upset about it. When Jensen looked at him though, he shook the frown right off his face. “Forget it. I know a place we can go for some food.”

Jared drove a little ways, back towards his parents’ place, finally pulling into a roadhouse barbecue called Tilly’s. They walked in, and sat down at a table. When the waitress came by with menus, she squealed, “Jared!” and jumped into his arms.

“Hey, Ronnie,” he said, squeezing her tight.

“Hey yourself,” she said, pushing away. “Attention y’all!” Ronnie said to the small crowd. Everyone turned to look at her. “We have a special guest today at Tilly’s! Our boy Jared has come home to visit!” The crowd cheered its approval while Jared pulled her down and whispered into her ear. Ronnie winked at Jensen while she listened. “And he’s brought the damn quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys with him!” The crowd cheered louder. “Now what can I get you guys?” she asked, once the excitement died down.

They ordered ribs and beer. Folks came by to say hello and congratulate them on the Super Bowl, but mostly Jared and Jensen were left alone to eat and drink and watch baseball on the big television over the bar.
Jensen had barely started in on the giant plate of ribs between them before he complimented Jared on a great choice. “Oh man, this is delicious.”

“The best ribs in San Antone,” Jared answered, mouth already full.

“I’ll drink to that,” Jensen said, holding up his beer bottle with a hand that was already covered in barbecue sauce.

Jared took a swig from his cold beer and smacked it down on the table with an appreciative moan. “Mmm. Shiner Bock is badass.”

Jensen nodded, and the two of them continued to enjoy their meal until they were so full they could barely move.

They made their way back to the truck, Jared explaining how he used to go to Tilly’s all the time when he lived in San Antonio.

“Hey, Jay. Is something wrong?” Jensen asked, noticing something more than a note of nostalgia in Jared’s tone.

“No,” he answered quickly. “Of course not.”

“You sure?” Jensen asked. Jared was still smiling, but there was something off about it.

“Yeah. Let’s get back. Don’t want to miss Megan when she comes by, and I want to show you some stuff.”

They got back into the truck and took the long way home, Jared driving past places like his old high school. They stopped to look at the patchy, dry field that Jared played on as a kid, and marveled at how far they’d come. Jared drove past places he used to hang out that were now housing developments, parks where he went to parties. He stopped in front of a modest high ranch.

“What happened here?” Jensen asked.

“Lost my virginity.”

“Oooh, nice. What was her name?”

“Derek,” Jared said with a sly smile.

“Wow. Really?”


“So, did you ever, you know, with a girl?”

“Yeah, in college. A couple of times. You?”

“Sure. You can’t not. Especially when you’re on the team, you know?”

Jared just nodded at him, reaching over and putting his hand on Jensen’s leg, giving it a squeeze.

“Seriously, man. Are you all right?” Jensen asked.

“Yeah. Let’s go home,” Jared said, putting the truck into gear and pulling out.


“How were the Alamo and the Riverwalk?” Sharon asked when they got back.

“Don’t ask,” Jared answered.

She looked questioningly over at Jensen. “We got recognized,” he explained.

“Oh. Well, never mind. You’d better get outside and play with my grandchildren. They’re rowdy today,” Sharon said, shooing them out the back.

They played with Sadie and Harley for a while, tossing toys to each other and playing keep away with the dogs.

Dinner with Megan, Sharon, and Gerald was absolutely hilarious. Megan told the funniest stories about Jared that Jensen had ever heard. He could barely keep from choking on his fajitas, and once he ended up spitting a mouthful of beer onto the wood patio when Megan told the story of Jared getting his head caught between the slats of the banister.

When Sharon and Gerald went up to bed the three of them stayed up laughing and talking. Gerald came back down a little while later.

“You guys should come in and see the news,” he said.

“What is it, Dad?” Jared asked, following him inside.

“Don’t know. They just mentioned your name. Said the story was coming up.”

Gerald turned on the television in the living room and everyone stood around it. There was a loud commercial for Alamo Toyota and Honda and then the well-dressed co-anchors of the local news came back on. The blonde anchor turned to her camera and said: “Super Bowl champions Dallas Cowboys have come to San Antonio. Well, two of them, at least. Marley Witmer is at the Riverwalk with the story. Marley?”

Marley Witmer stood in front of the Hard Rock Café. “Thanks, Vanessa. San Antonio native and Cowboys receiver Jared Padalecki was spotted at the Riverwalk with best pal and Cowboys quarterback, Jensen Ackles. Apparently the two of them visited the Alamo and signed autographs, but when they got to the Riverwalk, things got out of hand.” They cut to some shaky footage of Jared and Jensen on the Riverwalk being mobbed by a crowd of people, and then running off. The footage, obviously taken on a fan’s videocamera, showed people shoving each other and a nice younger couple falling into the river. Jared shook his head and huffed out a breath.

They cut to a young man talking to Marley at the site from earlier in the day. “We were just sitting there at the Hard Rock,” the man—the label under his face said his name was Max Hinkel—was saying, “and then someone shouted, ‘Hey! It’s Jared and Jensen!’ and then everyone went nuts. We all got caught up in it. Hell, I’m not even a Cowboys fan, and I was trying to get pictures.”

Then Marley turned to a woman whose hair looked a little stringy. She was wearing Jared’s jersey. “So you were one of the people we saw falling in the river in that footage.”

“Yep. Well, my boyfriend and I were trying to get close enough to get an autograph, but we were way at the back, and when the crowd got a little rough, I completely lost my footing and I just fell into the water. Took my boyfriend with me,” she said, smiling.

“Where did you get this?” Marley asked, touching the jersey she was wearing.

“Well, I needed some dry clothes and I was going to go back to our hotel to change, but then the woman who runs the shop up there heard what happened and she came down here with this. See, it’s autographed!” she said, turning to show one of the signatures Jared had carefully penned earlier.

They cut back to the live feed of Marley, and she turned back to the camera. “Well, Jared and Jensen disappeared into the alley next to The Hard Rock Café, leaving some of the overly enthusiastic crowd to run after them. Nobody was able to catch up with them, though, which is no surprise. They wouldn’t be Super Bowl champs without their incredible speed and ability to get out of rough spots! This is Marley Witmer reporting from the Riverwalk. Back to you in the studio.”

“Thanks, Marley,” Vanessa said, turning to her co-anchor. “It’s nice to see a hometown boy come home to visit, isn’t it?”

“Sure is, Vanessa. Well, the weather has been mild, but will it last?” he went on, but Gerald turned the television off.

“S’good to know your big brother can cause a riot,” Megan said, slapping Jared on the shoulder. He groaned in response.

Jensen let out the breath he was holding. “That wasn’t so bad, huh?” he said. “At least the woman at the store didn’t tell anyone where we were.”

“Yeah. Don’t know if I’d be able to live that down.” A small smile played at the corners of Jared’s mouth.

“Oh well. Price of fame,” Gerald said, squeezing Jared’s shoulder. “I’ll see you guys in the morning.”

“Good night, Dad.”

“Good night, Gerry,” Jensen said, obediently using the name Jared’s father had admonished him to use.

“Night, boys.” He pulled Megan into a hug. “Don’t be a stranger, baby doll.”

“Love you, Dad. See you soon,” she said, kissing him on the cheek.

Once he was gone, Megan said, “All right. I should probably get going. I have a pretty long drive ahead of me. It was nice to seeing you again, Jensen,” she said, standing up on her toes for a hug.

“Same here,” he said, hugging her tightly.

“Bro,” she said, holding out her hand in a very businesslike manner for Jared to shake. He bent down instead and picked her up, crushing her in a huge hug.

“Love you, Meggie,” he said kissing her on the cheek.

“Love you too, Jare.”

“Thanks for coming out here.”

“Well, I miss you, and I never get to see you anymore. Next time you’re home, Jeff promises to come too.”

“Be careful,” Jared said, walking her to the door.

“I will,” she said, picking up her bag and fishing out her keys. “See you guys soon, I hope.”

When her car had pulled away—Jared insisted on standing at the door to make sure she got off all right—they went back in and sat down in front of the television.

They sat and watched part of The Great Escape for a while. Jensen studied Jared carefully. Something just wasn’t right.

“Hey,” Jensen said.

“Hey,” Jared answered.

“Are you all right, Jay?”

He shrugged in response.

“What is it? Is it that you miss Megan and your folks? Or that thing at the Riverwalk?”

“It’s all of that. Being here reminds me of how much I miss my family. It’s just…also…”

“What?” Jensen said, gently pulling Jared’s hand into his lap.

“We were supposed to visit Tilly’s tomorrow.”

Jensen waited for some better explanation for Jared’s odd mood. When none came, he said, “Okay, we can go back tomorrow.”

“No, that’s not it, Jen. Tomorrow was supposed to be Tilly’s, but today was supposed to be the Riverwalk and Joe’s Crab Shack.”

“That didn’t work out so well, huh?”

“No, and now I feel like I won’t ever be able to take you there. It’s like, one of my favorite places, and I just wanted to go there with you and eat some crab cakes and drink some beer, and now…” he shrugged again.

“I’m sorry that’s probably not going to happen this time.”

“Me too,” he said, looking at their intertwined hands in Jensen’s lap. “Look, when you said you’d come visit my family, I built it up in my mind as this trip where I’d finally get to show you all these things about my life. Like my high school and Tilly’s and Derek’s house. And I had this plan of all the places I wanted to take you. And now I feel like that’s ruined.”

“Oh,” Jensen said. When Jared didn’t go on, Jensen put his fingers under Jared’s chin and forced him to look up. “There’s something else?”

Jared nodded.

“What, Jay?”

“I know you’re freaked about it, about being here, and you’ve been so good about it. And I know you don’t want to do anything to cause problems with my family. You probably want to kick my ass because of what I did to you this morning, but…” He took a deep breath. “I’ve never really brought anyone home before, not anyone special, and I always thought that when I did, I’d finally get to, you know, christen my house." He looked up at Jensen, eyes dark. Then his gaze fluttered away again, and his voice got very quiet. "Want to make love to you here, in the house where I grew up.”

Jensen stared at him for a minute, his stomach turning somersaults at Jared’s words.

“Shit, Jay. I’m sorry. I didn’t know what it all...meant.”

“You didn’t know because I didn’t tell you. I just wanted it to be fun for you.”

“It has been fun. I love your family. They’re the best. And the other stuff about showing me all these things, I love that too. I’m real sorry the Riverwalk thing was kindofa disaster. There’s a reason why they say ‘you can’t go home again.’ It’s sucks, but I guarantee you there’s gonna be a time when no one is gonna care that we’re eating crab cakes at Joe’s. It’s just not now.”

Jared smiled, gave a little huff of a laugh.

“We’ll be too old to play football eventually. You can take me then.”

Jared nodded.

“As for the other thing? Well maybe I’ve been thinking about it all wrong.”


“Here I am freaked about what your parents would think if they found out about us, and I haven’t even been thinking about what you want. This is your family. It should be your decision.”

Jared looked up at him, eyes shining in the dim light, and Jensen felt like he’d been sacked. He’d do anything Jared wanted. He really would. He’d even suspend the Hands-Off-Jared policy.

Jensen took the remote from Jared and flipped the television off. “Come on,” Jensen said, standing up and holding out his hand.

Jared took his hand and stood up.

“When you pictured it, were we in your bed?”

“No. My feet have been hanging off the edge of that thing since I was seventeen,” he said, pulling Jensen along into the guest room.

Once inside, Jared closed and locked the door behind them. He turned back, taking Jensen’s face in his hands and kissing him long and slow.

“God, I’ve been missing you,” Jensen said, already breathless.

Jared made quick work of their shirts, taking his off first and then helping Jensen off with his. He gave Jensen a gentle push down onto the bed, covered Jensen’s body with his own and just held him and kissed him. “Missed you last night,” he said between kisses.

“Jay, wait. If we’re gonna, you know, I didn’t bring anything.”

Jared smiled slyly at him and reached over to the bedside table. He pulled a small bottle of lube and a strip of condoms out.

“Please tell me your parents don’t leave those in there all the time.”

“I put them in here last night, hoping you’d change your mind.”

Jensen smiled, shaking his head. “I should have known.”

Jared moved over him, kissing along his collarbone, licking long stripes up the column of his neck.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Jared asked, licking the spot behind Jensen’s left ear.

“If you are, I am,” Jensen said.

Jared kissed him again, tongue claiming Jensen’s mouth, exploring every part of it.

Jensen pushed him away gently. “Jay,” he breathed. “Tell me what you want.”

Jared pulled back and looked him in the eye. The black of his pupils ate up all but a thin rim of hazel. He ran his thumb across Jensen’s bottom lip and along his strong jaw. “I want to be inside you, Jen. Right here, in the house where I grew up.”

There was force and conviction in Jared’s words, and something about the way he said them—serious and intense—made Jensen’s breathing hitch. “Jesus, Jay,” he, lifting himself up on his elbows to kiss Jared.

Jared kissed him back fiercely, pulling open Jensen’s pants and shoving them down.

Jensen dropped his head back onto the pillow and reached down to help Jared out of his jeans. When all their clothes had been kicked off onto the floor, Jared rolled his hips just once against Jensen’s.

They were both already hard, and they’d learned long ago the angles that gave them the best friction. Jensen lifted his hips and tried to pull Jared’s hips down to meet him, but Jared resisted, obviously wanting to make this last. Jared turned and they lay side by side, facing each other, just kissing and letting their hands wander. Staring into each other’s eyes, they brought each other dizzyingly close to the edge with their mouths and hands. When the pressure had built up to an agonizing degree, and Jensen thought his head was going to explode if he didn’t come soon, he sat up. “How do you want me?”

Jared didn’t have to think about it. “On top. I always pictured you riding me.”

“Okay,” Jensen whispered. “Anything you want.”

Jared straightened himself out on the bed, and pulled Jensen down to him. While Jensen kissed his chest and neck, letting his hands wander down to stroke Jared’s already hard and leaking cock, Jared poured lube onto his fingers and pressed them one by one into Jensen.

Jensen moaned when he added each finger, not in pain but in anticipation. Jensen was so ready for this to happen. Feeling Jared opening him like this, with such care, always made Jensen feel a little unworthy. He wondered for the millionth time how he had gotten so lucky to have Jared in his life.

“Ready?” Jared asked, removing his fingers and slicking himself up with lube.

Jensen nodded, positioning himself over his boyfriend. He took a deep breath, forcing his muscles to relax, and then sat back. Jared had one hand on his own dick, keeping it angled right, and one hand on Jensen’s hip, guiding him.

Jensen hissed when the head of Jared’s huge dick slipped past the ring of muscle. They’d done this a ton of times, but Jared was still fucking huge.

“Oh my God, Jensen. You’re so tight,” Jared said with a whimper. He sucked in a breath and shuddered it out slowly.

Jensen sat further down, until Jared was buried deep inside him. Neither of them moved beyond the small shifts as they caught their breath. Jensen wondered if he’d fly apart as they just stared at each other.

“I love you,” Jared said, bringing his hand up to Jensen’s cheek.

“I love you too,” Jensen answered, voice low and thready. As though their words had broken some sort of spell, Jensen began to move, leaning forward and pulling up so Jared slipped almost all the way out. Then he sat down again, and Jared bit back a moan. They moved together, Jared using his big, strong hands to guide Jensen, and Jensen shifting his weight forwards and backwards to find the right angle.

Jared used his elbows to push himself up to a sitting position, and the two sat face to face, Jensen just rolling his hips and seating Jared even further inside him. They kissed, Jared licking slow into Jensen’s mouth. He felt so full, Jared’s dick hard and insistent inside him, Jared’s soft wet tongue in his mouth, Jared’s strong arms wrapped around him. He hooked his arms up under Jared’s and grabbed his shoulders. Using him for leverage, he ground himself down harder and Jared’s head fell back. “Holy Christ, Jen,” he said, pressing his face against Jensen’s neck and stifling a moan there.

Jensen knew Jared was close because he fumbled for Jensen’s dick which was pressed up between them. He always wanted them to come as close together as possible. Jensen felt Jared squeeze him and pull him up hard, his hand slick with sweat and precome. Jensen looked up, over Jared’s shoulder and stared at the picture of the Alamo over the bed. Knowing he was giving Jared what he wanted, he gave himself over to the sensations of being with Jared like this, and he let go, coming in wet, warm stripes between them, his muscles clenching. Jared pulled back an inch to watch Jensen’s face, bucking his hips up as he pushed Jensen a fraction of an inch further down onto his dick. He kissed Jensen hard as he came a minute later. They tried not to make too much noise, but being so caught up in the moment, they almost didn’t care. They rode out the aftershocks together, moving against each other, making it last as long as possible, until the sensations were almost painful.

They rested their sweaty foreheads together, breathing hard. Moving slowly, they lay back, too fucked out and boneless to care about getting under the covers. Jensen was almost asleep when he heard Jared fumbling and the door opening and closing. He thought Jared was heading back up to his room, but he came back in with a warm, wet washcloth. He cleaned the mess off of Jensen’s chest and his own, and swiped the washcloth down Jensen’s crack and behind his balls, and it felt good; Jared was taking care of him. The next thing he felt was the bed dip beside him. Jared mumbled goodnight and that was the last thing Jensen remembered.

Noise in the kitchen woke him the next morning. He looked over and saw Jared still lying there next to him, naked as the day he was born. The door was still closed and locked and Jensen started to panic. There had to be a way to play this off without letting Gerald and Sharon know what had happened. They could tell them that Jared had come down early. But Jared only had his clothes from yesterday. Maybe Jared could sneak out the window and go around to the front of the house get upstairs without anyone noticing and…

There was a knock at the door. Jensen opened his mouth to talk, but before he could squeak out a syllable, Sharon said, “You boys get up now. The eggs’ll get cold!” And then she was gone. Jared stirred beside him.

“Mmm. Eggs,” was the first thing he said.

“Jared! What are you still doing here?”

“Sleeping,” he said, pushing himself up and stretching.

He leaned over, kissed Jensen and stood up. He pulled on some pajamas that were lying on the floor next to the bed.

“Where did you get those?” Jensen asked, still shocked at everything that had just happened.

“My room. I brought them down last night.”


“So I wouldn’t have to walk naked to breakfast. Come on, Mom’s eggs are best when they’re still warm.”

Jensen scrambled to find his pajamas and threw them on. He stuffed the condoms and lube back into the drawer and followed Jared out the door.

He expected something. Yelling maybe? The cold shoulder? Gerald throwing both of them out of the house? But Gerald was sitting there with the paper, and Sharon was at the stove cooking.

“Good morning,” Jared said, brightly.

“You boys made the news today,” Gerald said, folding back the paper and showing them a picture of them signing autographs at the Alamo.

“At least it’s not a picture from the Riverwalk Riot,” Jensen said.

“You boys sleep all right?” Sharon asked and Jensen cringed.

“Yes, mama.”

Sharon slid two eggs over easy into Jared’s plate and kissed him on the cheek. Jared took some toast from the stack on the table and began dipping the crusts into the runny yolk. A few minutes later, Sharon slid two eggs sunny side up into Jensen plate and kissed Jensen on the cheek just like she had to Jared.

“Thanks, Sharon,” he said, voice quiet.

She smiled at him and squeezed his shoulder.

Breakfast seemed normal after that. Conversation picked up, and Sharon and Gerald acted like they always acted.

They spent the day close to home, taking a short drive in the afternoon. Jared showed Jensen a few more famous places from his childhood and adolescence.

They barbecued for dinner, swam in the pool, and fell asleep together in the guest room that night.

When they left to head back to Dallas the following morning, they stood at the door, waiting to say their goodbyes. Gerald gave them both handshakes that turned into hugs. He gave Jensen an investment tip and told him he’d email him all the details. He told Jared to keep working on cutting left on the field. “It’s not your strongest move. Gotta work on that.”

Jared answered with a “Yes sir.”

Sharon stood on her toes to kiss them goodbye. She whispered something to Jared and then pulled Jensen down for a hug. “Take care of my baby,” she whispered to Jensen.

“I will,” he answered.

The two of them walked out into the sunshine and got into Jared’s truck.

“Happy?” Jensen asked as they waved at Sharon and Gerald.

“Yep,” Jared answered throwing the truck into gear and pulling out.

“Get everything you wanted out of the trip?”

Jared shrugged. “Well, not everything. Still didn’t get to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack. But I got the most important thing.”

Jensen leaned over the squeezed Jared’s leg, the Hands-Off-Jared policy all but forgotten for the moment. “All right then. Take us home.”



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