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sam dean looking at each other

Drabble for Juice!

M'kay, so juice817 requested two drabbles. Here is one.

Title: Wet Dream Sammy
Author: bksncleverness
Word Count: 624
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R (I can't believe it's not pornier)
Notes: For juice817 who requested Sam/Dean, porny, prompt=dreams

I hope you like it!

Dean waited until Sam was asleep and making those little whimpering noises before grabbing his flask of dream root tea and downing the whole thing in two gulps. He'd been carrying the brew around for close to two weeks, waiting for the telltale signs that Sam was having a sex dream. He'd been having so many lately, Dean was going to get to the bottom of this new and improved Wet Dream Sammy.

Dean drank the tea, but found himself still in the motel room, although Sam's bed was empty and Dean could hear noises coming from outside. He walked to the door and opened it, but he wasn't staring at the Impala, he was at the end of a long, dusty hallway. The noises were definitely sex, Dean just had to find where they were coming from. He walked down the hall, checking the open doors along the way. The first one was a classroom. It looked like Sam's sixth grade classroom and Dean could swear Sam's sexy teacher Miss Brocker or Crocker was there, frozen in front of the blackboard like a robot that had shut down. There was an inch of dust on everything, including her.

The next room was a movie theater, probably from some shit hole town they'd lived in when Sam was fourteen or fifteen. There was a girl in the back row, Dean recognized her (couldn't remember her name, though), and she too was frozen and covered in dust. As Dean walked the hallway, he found half-a-dozen or so of Sam's forgotten fantasies: the library at some high school, a party where kids were frozen playing spin the bottle, a Stanford bar bathroom The last two rooms were Sam's apartment with Jessica (frozen and dusty Jessica looked hot in some red lingerie), and the motel room they stayed in where Bela stole the fucking Colt. Dean nearly fell over when he saw Bela in the bed, frozen, but not too dusty just yet.

Still, Dean thought it was a good sign that she wasn't responsible for the sex noises Sam was definitely making. If Dean was going in chronological order, Sam had a new fantasy and it was just behind the next door.

Dean waited at the door, listening. He could hear Sam talking low, a steady stream of words Dean couldn't understand through the door. And then, whoever Sam was with gasped. Made a noise like a moan. And then the voice yelled in obvious ecstasy, "SAMMY!" and Dean grabbed the knob of the door. No one, but no one called Sam that but him. The door was locked so Dean took a step back and kicked it in, white hot anger and jealousy and fucking possession running through his veins like fire.

He was ready to yell and scream and break up Sam's fantasy until he saw Sam thrusting hard into...Dean.

"Dean?" Dream Sam asked, confused.

"Yeah. Sam, I--"

"I knew you saved some of that dream root," Dream Sam said, never losing his rhythm. Dream Dean didn't even look up at the intrusion, just kept squirming and rolling his hips and moaning Sam's name. "So, now you know."

Dean nodded.

Dream Sam shook his head. "You can get out the way you came in. If, you know, you..." he trailed off.

"What if I want to stay?" Dean asked, kicking at the floor with his shoe.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked, stilling his hips and looking up at Dean.

"I just. I mean, you know. I may have thought of, you know, the same kind of thing. Maybe."

"So you want to come over here then?" Sam asked.

Dean shrugged. "I could."

"Well, you might have to share me with...um, you, but if you want, I can wake us both up and we can..."

"Do this for...real?"

"Yeah, Dean," Sam said, huffing out a relieved breath. "I've kept this one locked away for a while, trying to convince myself I'd be satisfied with one of the other fantasies. But nothing gets me off better than this, so."

"Well okay then," Dean said nodding, smile splitting his face wide. "Snap your fingers, Sammy."





this is made of awesome and ima go dream now of what happens after sammy snaps his fingers :>

totally commenting a 3 yr old fic but i've just discovered this and couldn't just leave without saying something.
this was so god damn hot and perfect and just the right amount of everything. the dust on all of sam's old dreams, dean's jealousy at hearing 'someone else' calling sam 'sammy', omg it was perfect.

i wish there was more of it, definitely, but it's amazing as is.
so much quality imagery with so few words. TALENT.